new vector gun skin pubg mobile free?

new vector skin !

Pubg is giving vector skin!

As you know every season we get some cheap reward if buy some uc in Pubg mobile, so this time pubg is giving us vector skin which looks super cool and has super looks as well as we get a bean with a cool dress like a hip hop artist and with this pack our character look will be enhanced and make our friend jealous in very cheap which is really a great thing.

The vector skin we are getting is really very different from other skins even better then pubg royal pass season 13 skins which are basically the worst skins in all seasons in history! Pubg is finally doing something that impresses us the most.

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How to get it for free?

To get this skin for free has many methods and few of them are gonna mentioned below so keep reading.

  • Giveaway
  • Spins
  • Don’t buy uc

GIVEAWAY:- Participate in giveaways organized by many Youtuber even we organize much time if you wanna participate subscribe to our channel here we upload daily videos with new tips and tricks to get rewards for free in pubg mobile and many other games.

SPIN:- Many big sites organize pubg spins where they buy uc for a lucky winner maybe you can win it for free just need to find a site which you may find on youtube or google so search it in google and youtube too. To get free UC and then you may buy vector skin for free.

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DON’T BUY UC:- Many people buy uc to buy royal pass but you should wait to start the new season so you become eligible for new rewards we get after buying uc like this op vector set which you can get for free if you followed this advice before.


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