Maneater guide – seven tips & tricks to induce you started

Maneater guide – seven tips & tricks to induce you started
So you’ve chomped your method through the Maneater tutorial, however currently that you’re absolve to explore the game’s bayous and beaches you’ll feel a small amount unsure what to try to to next.

You’re virtually atiny low fish during a} very massive pool and if you aren’t being attentive it’s simple to lose yourself or gloss over some valuable in-game data.

This guide is here with some tips and tricks to assist you hit key milestones and avoid wasting time cutting through the fat to Maneater’s best bits!

How to level up quick
Progress in Maneater is half-track via a 1 main mission log. the sport is broken into nine chapters and you’ll solely be able to march on once you’ve completed atiny low searching list of tasks. These typically embody “Population Control” quests, boss fights against Apex Predators, collectible hunts, and raising your Infamy Rank.

Following the log is that the fastest thanks to rank up as these missions usually disburse the largest XP totals and mineral rewards. though we have a tendency to encourage some free exploration, use the log as a good barrier or speedtrack.

Become disreputable
Kill enough humans in fast succession and you’ll build your needed level. It isn’t quite like GTA’s star scoring system tho’ – bounty hunters can merely present itself and commit to blow your shark out of the water till you offer them the slip.

While it’s tempting to run, you ought to very be attempting to cause the maximum amount mayhem as doable. Killing these hunters is that the fastest thanks to levelling up your Infamy Rank – whenever you are doing this a named hunter can then return once you. They don’t place up a lot of of a fight however can drop new Evolutions that, once upgraded, will build Maneater rather more pleasant to play!

Collect and upgrade Evolutions
Carrying on from the previous tip, you’ll need to find out additional regarding the assorted shark Evolutions and what they’ll do.

Your shark encompasses a total of eight slots within which you’ll be able to equip altered body elements together with the jaw, head, body, fins, tail, and 3 organs. These confer a spread of various passive buffs and active talents. Sadly it takes a short while to unlock these Evolutions, particularly if you’re taking your leisurely time sashaying regarding the ocean rather than protrusive to the mission log.

Most body elements may be changed for bonus harm or resistance however it’s the organs we’d powerfully advocate that specialize in as presently as they become out there. These embody the totally upgraded Advanced echo sounder to ping all points of interest on your map furthermore as Mineral Digestion which supplies you a permanent increase within the range of health and currency harvested from kills up to a bonus half-hour.

Combat basics
One of the downsides to Maneater is that the combat may be a bit bit boring, particularly once beginning out. It’s not till your shark enters adulthood that it’ll be able to use its additional advanced attacks.

Fighting off alternative predators will feel clumsy with no real plan of action thought concerned. Your safest bet could be a authentic double chomp before swimming away or evading, continuation the method to slowly chip away at at larger enemies.

In earlier chapters you’re sure to return up against foes additional powerful than your shark pup. you’ll be able to cheese these fights a bit by fleeing, uptake some smaller prey to revive some health, then process back around. simply check that you don’t retreat too so much or the target’s health can refill.

Grow now, explore later
You’ll quickly realize that several aras of Maneater’s open world are straight up level-gated or patrolled by a lot of larger enemies. It’s undoubtedly value swimming from region to region and exploring, tho’ we have a tendency to found ourselves enjoying Maneater additional having stuck to the most missions and evolved our shark enough in order that we have a tendency to wouldn’t bang our heads against such barriers. a number of these barriers might not be now apparent, like collectibles created too onerous to succeed in till your shark has reached a sufficient size or jump height.

Sonar is your friend
You should continually have your shark’s Advanced echo sounder equipped, notwithstanding you’ve uncovered most of the map. it’ll ping and highlight those onerous to search out chests and alternative collectibles up to 300m away.

Not solely that, it highlights each neutral and enemy target within the close space. this is often significantly useful once attempting to find rare inexperienced Minerals. whereas there’s Associate in Nursing abundance of red, yellow and blue minerals, inexperienced Minerals may be more durable to search out thus check that you’re snapping up the maximum amount of those as doable. They’re a necessary currency for major upgrades.

Farming for Minerals
A rule of thumb in Maneater: the larger the prey, the additional Minerals you get. You shouldn’t feel the necessity to farm for them till you’re a minimum of a number of chapters in. However, if you are feeling the urge then strive swimming to at least one of the more away regions. Sure, the predators here ar additional dangerous tho’ you’ll be able to snack on larger creatures. At identical time you ought to be keeping an eye fixed on your map, hovering on the point of the undiscovered “?” marks to uncover Mineral chests. generally you’ll have to be compelled to exit of your thanks to realize them tho’ they’ll supply some meaty payouts.

For additional on Maneater, check that you browse our full review. the sport is out currently on PlayStation four, Xbox One, and PC, with a Nintendo Switch version within the pipeline.


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