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What The World’s prime twenty five Esports Players Have Won In 2020: ‘Fortnite’, ‘Dota 2’ And ‘Chess24’ Pay huge
‘Fortnite’ found itself within the prime twenty five, unsurprisingly with the youngest big-money winners.

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It’s safe to say that for a heap of individuals, 2020 hasn’t been financially positive. identical can’t be said for those finding success within the world of esports–barely halfway into the year, its top players appear to be making enough money to build Scrooge McDuck-style coin-filled swimming pools on their vast estates. Or in their parents’ homes, given however previous a number of them area unit.

Research dole out by Seattle-based esports bookmaker Unikrn has uncovered just what quantity the world’s top 25 players have won in tournament award since the beginning of 2020. And given how the lockdown has led to a boom in esports’ viewership, we can only presume this cashflow will still grow.

Up to the present purpose, 2020 has seen the award pot hit $32.5 million. whereas this pales in comparison to the total prize pool of $227 million in 2019 as a whole, the cancellation and postponement of countless events–plus a busy end-of-year calendar–has pushed big-money prizes back to later in the 2020, or will roll over to form a bumper 2021 pot.

Esports’ huge winners
The highest-earning player of 2020 up to now is Brazil’s Paulo Damo Da Rosa, A.K.A. PVDDR, United Nations agency won huge at Magic: The Gathering Arena’s Magic World Championship XXVI in February. One payment place him well previous the sector.

Meanwhile, the most important team win came for the five-strong Spacestation recreation unit taking part in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege; the squad’s victories in professional League Season eleven and also the Six invited 2020 earned players Bosco, Fultz, Canadian, Rampy and Thinkingnade $210,000 apiece, putting all within the top ten.

The youngest guns within the top 25 are Wolfiez, Furious and JannisZ. At a combined age of forty seven, the trio placed within the top sixteen for fulfillment in–gasp–Fortnite. Wolfiez, A.K.A. 16-year-old Jaden Ashman of the U.K., took $130,000 for a try of second-place finishes in each European FNCS Invitationals. The youngest top-25 player, JannisZ, 15, from Germany, won one tournament, whereas 16-year-old U.S. gamer Furious grabbed $121,500 for dominating the FNCS Grand Finals in North America.


Other surprises
If you think that League of Legends was a important person within the payoff table, you’d be wrong–the game is absent from the highest 25. Even a lot of shockingly, Chess24 created 2 appearances: Hikaru Nakamura and player Magnus Carlsen have claimed over $100,000 of esports money every in 2020.

While esports’ top-earning country is the U.S. ($6 million across one,870 players) the best-performing country on a per-player basis is Jordan. And despite the highest-earning esports player of all present absent from the 2020 list–Denmark’s Johan Sundstein, the Dota a pair of legend–his fellow countrymen maintain the Scandinavian nation’s esports profile in another game. 5 Danish players (Asger Larsen, film writer Andersen, Frederik Gyldstrand, Rasmus motion and Fredrik Jørgensen) create the highest 25 for his or her victories in Counter-Strike: world Offensive.

Ryan Jurado, esports analyst at Unikrn, said: “As spectacular because the prize earnings area unit in esports, they are just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, thousands of players round the world create extra financial gain by building their complete and fanbases with non-competition activities like recreation streams, earn financial gain with support deals, associate degreed receive a earnings to play as a part of an organized team.”

He’s not wrong: the earnings below don’t embody sponsorships, bonuses, or salaries; a number of these, combined, area unit thought to administer sure gamers $500,000 p.a. every.

Top esports earners in 2020 up to now
1) PVDDR, 32, Brazil (Magic: The Gathering Arena): $300,000

=2) Canadian, 23, North American country (Rainbow Six Siege): $210,000

=2) Bosco, 25, U.S. (Rainbow Six Siege): $210,000

=2) Rampy, U.S. (Rainbow Six Siege): $210,000

=2) Thinkingnade, 21, Salvador (Rainbow Six Siege): $210,000

=2) Fultz, U.S. (Rainbow Six Siege): $210,000

7) Rogue, 26, South Korea (Starcraft II): $155,128

8) Marcio Carvalho, 34, European nation (Magic: The Gathering Arena): $150,000

9) Wolfiez, 16, U.K. (Fortnite): $130,000

=10) Matumbaman, 25, Suomi (Dota 2): $122,413

=10) Puppey, 30, Esthonia (Dota 2): $122,413

=10) Zai, 22, Scandinavian nation (Dota 2): $122,413

=10) YapzOr, 25, Jordan (Dota 2): $122,413

=10) Nisha, 19, Republic of Poland (Dota 2): $122,413

15) Furious, 16, U.S. (Fortnite): $121,500

16) JannisZ, 15, FRG (Fortnite): $120,000

17) AcilioN, 23, Danmark (CS:GO): $117,688

=18) Bubzki, 21, Danmark (CS:GO): $113,800

=18) acoR, 22, Danmark (CS:GO): $113,800

=18) sjuush, 21, Danmark (CS:GO): $113,800

=18) roejJ, Danmark (CS:GO): $113,800

22) Hikaru, 32, U.S. (Chess24): $102,632

23) DrNykterstein, 29, Scandinavian nation (Chess24): $101,170

24) Seth Manfield, 29, U.S. (Magic: The Gathering Arena): $100,000

25) Aqua, 18, Austria (Fortnite): $98,750

Comparing Dota a pair of and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – PWN all Special
In this special episode of PWN all, Sean “Hades” Goh, currently a Mobile Legends coach once his time in Dota a pair of, shares a number of the similarities and variations between Dota a pair of on the computer and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on mobile devices.

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Dota 2: the most effective Support Heroes in 2020
We take a glance at a number of the foremost well-liked support heroes of 2020.

Even though some individuals underestimate it, the support role in Dota a pair of has invariably been one in all the foremost vital ones. If you don’t have sensible supports on your team, you are not planning to win the sport. aside from serving to the core heroes, each single support must create things happen throughout the game’s early part. whether or not it’s via ganking, harassing the enemy laner, or one thing else, there’s invariably one thing that you simply can do.

Having aforementioned that, let’s take a glance at a number of the foremost well-liked support heroes of this year. in contrast to the cores, the supports area unit sometimes not that laid low with the various meta changes. Of course, there are invariably some meta supports out there, however you’ll be able to usually see several alternative heroes furthermore.


Once he gets to level vi, the sport utterly changes for this hero. As you recognize, he has the power to steal spells from enemy heroes. So, if you have got quick fingers, you’ll be able to get some pretty game-breaking skills, like region, Ravage, and so on.

Despite that, Rubick suffers from identical problems as the other support heroes — he will die very easy. That’s why you wish to urge a minimum of 2 defensive things to survive within the late game. in contrast to alternative supports, Rubick wants it slow in an exceedingly team fight so as to be effective, thus extant is of utmost importance.


Jakiro could be a pretty intriguing support that works rather well in sure things. However, he is a lot of or less a situational choose, in contrast to all of the heroes we’ve mentioned up to now.

Even though Jakiro can deal insane harm in an exceedingly team fight, this seldom happens. His AoE final can simply be dodged, which suggests that he is principally there to stun and slow the enemies.

Having said that, matters is admittedly completely different throughout the laning stage. There, Jakiro is capable of forcing the enemy hero to use tons of regen because of his Liquid fireplace. In fact, this ability conjointly will wonders whenever the hero must push a tower. If he’s left alone, he can simply destroy the enemy tower in an exceedingly single push.

After the laning stage, the hero becomes terribly a fascinating kill for the enemy cores. As a result, you wish to create certain you have got the correct things that may allow you to survive.

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